Advantages of cashless prepayment…

Avoid billing headaches with prepaid sub-meters

Money recieved from topups is paid out every month by bank transfer. Monitor your revenue collection and update tariffs from the Gateway.
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Online Portal

Keep track of energy usage for electricity, gas and water from the online web portal.  Readings are updated daily and include a half-hour interval profile for detailed energy tracking.

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Secure Payments

No cash, coins or tokens. Topup payments are online using a credit or debit card.  Topup codes are instantly sent to the meter over the mobile phone network.

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Adjust Credit & Tariffs

Adjust credit levels by sending money to the meter without a payment.  Useful for keeping the supply on or where other forms of payment are accepted.  Tariffs can be set remotely without having to visit the meter.

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Low Credit Alerts

After every successful payment an email receipt confirms the payment amount and updated balance. When the balance falls below £10 a low credit alert is sent to remind the consumer to make a topup to stay on supply.

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Monthly statements

Landlords receive a monthly statement by email with a summary of topup activity and a detailed breakdown of payments.

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Direct bank payments

Topup revenue is sent by bank transfer direct to the landlords nominated bank account.

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Recover operational costs

Landlords who resell energy are entitled to recover their operational costs with a fixed daily standing charge.  This is incorporated into the energy tariff.

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Manual code entry

In the rare case where a topup does not reach the meter it can be manually entered using the A/B buttons at the meter itself.  This is a useful fallback when comms are playing up.

Topupmeters Is A Simple & Effective Solution

Whether you are planning on upgrading from coin meters or fitting out a new HMO, Topupmeters is ideally suited for private landlords as well as providers of social housing
Online topups

Topup online in 3 easy steps

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Topup online in 3 easy steps
After landing on the payment page just enter the meter serial number and ID code, then select an amount to topup and make payment.  Topups are instantly sent to the meter over the mobile phone network.
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All major credit & debit cards accepted
Payments are handled using the Stripe payment gateway accepting all UK and EU debit and credit cards.
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Register an account for faster topups
The payment site is accessible from smartphones and can be easily translated using most browser apps like Chrome.  By registering an account and storing your meter and payment methods, topping up becomes even quicker for next time.
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For Landlords

Customize tariffs, issue credit and recover debts without having to visit the meter

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Monitor energy usage
From the web portal users can check energy consumption for electricity down to half-hour detail and get accurate meter readings updated daily.
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Customize energy tariffs
Set the price of electricity and gas or water instantly and without having to visit the meter.  Also set cost per day standing charges and emergency credit levels.
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Notifications by email
Get alerts by email if something goes wrong, such as excessive energy is triggered or a meter goes offline due to possible tampering.  Further investigation can be done remotely before arranging a site visit as a last resort.
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Friendlier prepayment

Emergency credit and friendly hours minimise support calls

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Minimise support calls
Avoid those late night call outs when the power goes off.  Use Friendly Hours to keep the meter on supply until 9am if the credit runs out at night.  Tenants can also use the Emergency Credit allowance to give them some breathing space so a topup can be made.  Any credit used is offset against the topup value.
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Check in tenants
Clear off any remaining credit or debt when new tenants move in. Issue some starting credit to get them off the ground and ensure they know how to topup online.
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Free issue credit
Need to send money to a meter without an online payment just issue any amount of credit to the meter as frequently as needed from the web portal.  Topups are instantly applied to the meter over the GPRS network in the same way as normal topups.
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Latest generation smart meters

Dual fuel prepayment using GPRS smart meters

wireless pulse monitoring smart meters
Wireless pulse monitoring
Recover gas usage costs with the RF Pulse Sender.  The battery powered device connects to the pulse output cable from compatible gas meters and wirelessly paired with a nearby Topup electric meter to collect gas usage data.
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ATEX approved
ATEX approved for gas metering.  Sealed unit with 10 year battery life.  Red LED to indicate mode of operation and install status.
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Recharge for gas usage
The Pulse Sender works with a Topup Electric meter to store gas usage and apply a tariff stored in the electric meter.  Users can remotely monitor gas usage and check readings at the electric meter.
Or charge for water

Pulse senders can be used with water meters to recharge water consumption

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Retrofit water meters
The RF Pulse Sender has a water variant for logging pulses from water meters.  The sealed device can be wired into the pulse output cable using a passive junction box.  A volt-free contactor makes installation safe and easy.
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Charge for water and sewage
The Topup Electric Meter recieves water usage data every few minutes and applies a tariff stored in the meter to deduct appropriate charges from the balance.
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Single monetary wallet
The Topupmeters dual fuel system has a single monetary wallet.  Consumers only need to topup the balance which gets used for both electric and water (or electric and gas).
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Topupmeters is a cashless prepayment service. Designed not only for landlords but whereever energy needs rebilling. We cater to all types of uses.

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How to get started...


Purchase a meter from one of our select partners

Topupmeters can be purchased directly from us or from our reseller partners. Speak to us for a quotation or to find your local distributor.

Where to order

Your account is created on Topup Gateway

After ordering meters you will recieve an invitation to the Topup Gateway. From here meters are activated to prepare for install. After installation you have full operation of the meters.

Visit Gateway

Installation by a local friendly electrician

Speak to your local electrical contractor about installing sub-meters. Any accredited NICEIC electrician can do the work and does not need to be an expert on Topupmeters or smart meters.

Find installer

Topups online as soon as meter is active!

As soon as meters are energised press B three times to bring the power on. The first topup can take a few minutes to come through as the SIM registers.

Topup online