Smart meters are supplied through an approved reseller partner.
Click the link to connect with these reputable companies, where you can place an order online. Additionally, they are well-equipped to assist with installation and provide expert advice tailored to your property's unique needs.

What happens after ordering...

We will contact you by email

🛒 Topupmeters receive your order information from the stockist. This contains important details including the meter serial numbers, and contact information required to build an account.

Read the welcome letter and login to Gateway

📨 For new customers an account is created on Topup Gateway and logins are sent by email. A New Client Welcome Letter is also sent by email. This explains what happens before, during and after installation.

Arrange installation

The final step is to arrange installation with an electrician. We do not have our own electrical contractors. Any NICEIC electrical contractor will be capable of fitting sub-meters.

Explore Our Topupmeters for Landlords

Topupmeters can supply sub-meters for all electric, gas, water and heat-metering.  Find our range of energy meters below.  All meters are MID approval which is a legal requirement for sub-metering in the UK.  If your meters are non-MID approved then the tenant has the right to stop topping up their meter or paying energy invoices.


Look no further than our latest generation smart meters that use 4G/LTE mobile phone communications to deliver your top-ups instantly.

Whether you need dual-fuel meters for gas and water or just electric, our smart meters can handle it all. They transmit data wirelessly to our cloud-based system, so you can monitor your usage and payments easily.

And if you want to add gas or water sub-metering later, no problem! Our smart meters are compatible with any utility meter with pulse output and can be retrofitted without hassle.

smart meter information leaflet

Contact us for a quotation or for more advice from one of our experts.

How to get started...


Purchase a meter from one of our select partners

Topupmeters can be purchased directly from us or from our reseller partners. Speak to us for a quotation or to find your local distributor.

Where to order

Your account is created on Topup Gateway

After ordering meters you will recieve an invitation to the Topup Gateway. From here meters are activated to prepare for install. After installation you have full operation of the meters.

Visit Gateway

Installation by a local friendly electrician

Speak to your local electrical contractor about installing sub-meters. Any accredited NICEIC electrician can do the work and does not need to be an expert on Topupmeters or smart meters.

Find installer

Topups online as soon as meter is active!

As soon as meters are energised press B three times to bring the power on. The first topup can take a few minutes to come through as the SIM registers.

Topup online