Topupmeters is charged to the landlord as a yearly subscription*

*Subscription costs can be recovered from the consumer by daily standing charge. Our service is charged as a fixed ongoing subscription, irrespective of transactional activity or usage.
Opt for a monthly or yearly payment plan based on the pricing options below. We accept various payment options to suit your needs. To learn more about how you can recover the subscription costs, please see the information below.
One Annual Payment
(Save £10/year!)
per annum plus VAT
Add £10 plus VAT per annum for dual fuel
12 Monthly Payments
per month plus VAT
Add £1 plus VAT per month for dual fuel


When does the subscription start?

When meters are activated. Activation is triggered from the Landlord Gateway. This is when the SIM is activated to ready the meter for install, which is when the first billing period begins.

What is the subscription for?

The subscription charge covers SIM and network data costs for a multi-network roaming SIM. Plus access to our online services such as Topup Gateway, tariff changes, configuration updates, and all associated online services for supporting the operation of Topupmeters.

How can this cost be recovered?

Operating costs can be recovered from the tenant by daily standing charge. This is a fixed cost applied daily, irrespective of energy usage. We recommend a daily standing charge of 23p/day minimum based on the annual subscription of £67.20 (inc VAT).

Can you deduct the subscription from topups?

Yes but only on a monthly payment plan. We can deduct the invoice value from topup proceeds and remit the balance to your bank account in the usual way.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription after the minimum contract term of 12 months. However, if cancellation is requested after the renewal date, we cannot refund the remainder of the period. To request cancellation drop an email to

Are there any other fees or charges?

There is a transaction fee for topups of around 1.5%+20p.  This is charged by Stripe for facilitating the card payment and is incurred by the landlord.

There is also a fixed £2.00 administration fee for revenue payouts.  This is taken from the topup proceeds each month, and is charged per account.

The tenant does not pay any fee for topping up with Topupmeters.

Will I get notified in advance of a subscription renewal?

We use Stripe to handle our subscription billing.  They always give advance notice of a forthcoming subscription renewal to the email address on the account.

Tell me more about transaction fees

We have partnered with Stripe to facilitate payment processing.  Stripe is a payment platform that allows consumers to make payments online using all credit and debit cards.

Stripe charges a transaction fee for each successful payment, which varies depending on the currency, payment method, and country of origin of the cardholder. The transaction fee consists of a fixed fee and a percentage of the payment amount.  In the UK, Stripe charges 1.5% + 20p for most credit and debit card payments. Customers can also incur additional fees for disputes, refunds, or failed payments.  Customers can view their transaction fees and payouts on the Landlord Gateway.

Volume Discount
No. of Meters
Annual Tariff
Equiv. Daily Charge

Volume price breaks

You can choose to pay for your subscription either monthly or annually, depending on your budget and preference.

Our subscription fees are affordable and competitive, starting from only £56.00 per year for each electric meter, and £66.00 per year for each dual-fuel meters.

Plus, you can save even more if you have more than 50 active meters in your account, as the price drops to £52.00 per year. And if you have more than 100 meters, we have even better deals for you. Just contact us and we'll give you a quote based on your needs.

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Recovering costs with a daily standing charge

When using secondary meters, the landlord takes on the role of an energy reseller. As such, they are required to strictly follow the Ofgem guidelines concerning the resale of energy.

The expenses associated with providing meter services can be reclaimed through a daily standing charge. For instance, if the annual cost of these services amounts to £56.00, it can be recuperated at a rate of 15.34 p/day through the standing charge.

Landlords are not billed for meter subscriptions until they decide to activate a meter. This activation is initiated before the actual meter installation. By doing so, we ensure that top-ups can be made immediately once the meters are installed.

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Pricing Promise

Our service pricing is fixed 5 years*

*In extenuating circumstances such as upgrades to communications modules to 4G or 5G there will be a small uplift on subscription costs to account for increased data charges.
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