At Topupmeters, our mission is to provide landlords and tenants with seamless energy management solutions. Our state-of-the-art smart prepay meter offer secure, convenient, and efficient energy usage tracking, streamlining the entire process for all parties involved.

Topup Gateway makes it possible to manage every aspect of metering remotely.  Actions such as updating tariffs or checking in a new resident are achieved with just a few clicks.

Updates are sent instantly over the airwaves.  Rate changes and credit adjustments take immediate affect.  

Landlords enjoy powerful tools to conveniently manage numerous properties using Topupmeters.  Automated alerts do the hard work to identify potential tampers and highlight odd usage patterns.

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Reliable data collection service from GPRS smart meters providing up to date meter readings and energy consumption in half-hour intervals.


See recent transactions and credit balances.  All financial activity such as tariff changes and emergency credit limits are stored in a detailed audit-trail if needed.


The Topup Gateway alerts users when a meter goes offline or a energy threshold event is triggered.  This could indicate suspicious activity or possible tampering.


All data can be downloaded to Excel for further in depth analysis on energy usage.

Data Collection

Remote monitoring over 4G LTE

Smart meters are connected over the 4G/LTE communications network.  The same technology you would find in the latest generation mobile phones is used for robust data collection.  This is crucial to ensure topups are delivered as soon as payments is made.  

Data is collected every few hours to provide up to date balance information.  This gives tenants a clear picture of their remaining balance so they know when to topup.  This also provides detailed usage data showing patters of energy usage.  

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Fully customizable

Instantly adjust energy tariffs for single and economy 7 rates

Topupmeters can be individually edited to adjust energy pricing.  Unit rates for electricity, gas and daily standing charges can be set and read back to double check the currently applied rates.

New tariffs are sent over the mobile phone network with immediate affect.  Or its possible to set a future activation date for anticipated rate changes.

Emergency credit can be changed to a larger amount up to £10 or removed entirely if not needed.

Economy 7 is normally from 00:00 to 07:00 UTC but can be changed to a more dynamic time switching structure by one of our advisers.

adjust smart meter tarrifs for landlord meters on desktop

Big data

Scalable tools for large asset managers

Whether you’re an HMO with a few properties or a provider of student accommodation across multiple buildings, Topup Gateway has tools to make it easy to manage large numbers of meters and easily sort and find individual consumer data.

From the dashboard intuitive filtering allows for easily identifying potential issues such by grouping meters automatically in the event of thresholds being triggered or communication issues.

At a glance users can see balance information, meter readings and recent energy consumption plus location details to easily identify properties.

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