MC11 SMA Booster Module

MID certified smart meters
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MC11 SMA Booster Module


Where the meters is installed in a signal dead spot the MC11 SMA booster module will allow an external aerial to be fitted for improved connectivity. Specifically designed for situations where signal reception is compromised due to barriers or challenging environments, this module allows an external aerial to be connected to the SMA port. Comes with 5dBi external antenna. Install by first removing the existing top-hat and fitting the new booster module in the same way. Then screw on the external aerial. This should be located in an area away from the meter with signal reception is improved. All modules come with active network roaming SIM. There is no need to swap the SIM out after fitting.

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1 x High gain external antenna with RG-58 1metre cable 1 x MC11 Communications module with integrated network roaming SIM 1 x Installation instructions
Hot swappable Easy fit onto existing Topupmeters
**SMA Connection** Ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices requiring external aerials. Optimized for Tough Environments: Ideal for meters placed in poor signal zones or sealed enclosures. The external antenna facilitates reception by reaching outside of restrictive settings. Seamless Integration: Designed to replace existing communication modules effortlessly. The installation process is straightforward—simply remove the seal from your current module and attach the MC11. Easy Installation: With an intuitive design and clear instructions provided, setting up the MC11 is a breeze. No technical expertise required.

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